Precision Retail Shelving

Precision Retail Shelving

Precision Retail Shelving is a cantilever, post based system designed to safely locate and display all manner of saleable goods. Available in a wide range of heights, widths and depths the system allows for the maximisation of shelf/display space within your restraints, whilst modularity enables easy reconfiguration or addition. Units can be wall mounted or freestanding.

An extensive range of standard accessories are available to cater for various display and storage requirements.


The Precision Retail Shelving system comes with a number of design enhancements that provide superior performance and functionality.

  • Clip-on panels provide clean lines, add lateral rigidity and eliminate the need for shelf spacers
  • Clip-on panels are available in plain and perforated finish, the latter allowing for the mounting of various accessories to display hang sell products
  • A moulded tube cap replaces the folded steel plate providing a cleaner finish
  • The 80mm post and cross rail/base depth provides significantly more system strength and rigidity
  • Optional diagonal cross braces between posts provide even more lateral strength to shelving units; especially during unpredicted seismic activity
  • Increased folded leg and baseplate thickness provide greater overall capacity and safety
  • Quicker installation with easy to install horizontal post to post centre braces
  • Centre braces incorporate easy action lugs that lock the braces to the post, ensuring they will stay in place under normal operation

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